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Project Background


Please be advised that this page is being discontinued and requests for access are no longer being processed. This information is now open to the public and can be viewed on the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) website at the following link (English only):

GNWT Geomatics


Project development was funded through the Environmental Research Studies Funds (ESRF), with additional financial resources for database operation and maintenance provided by the Water Resources Division of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Additional information on the ESRF and their projects may be obtained at 

Efforts of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) were crucial to the successful completion of this multi-year project.
Members of the TAG include (listed in alphabetical order):

Terry Baker
– Indian and Northern Affairs Canada 
Steve Baryluk
– Inuvialuit Game Council
Craig Etty
– Chevron Canada Limited
Linda Graf
– ConocoPhillips Canada
Tara Hawkins
– Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Robert Jenkins (Chair)
– Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
James Juniper 
– Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Dr. Steven V. Kokelj
– Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Doug Mead
– Environmental Studies Research Funds
Ron Quaife 
– Imperial Oil Resources
Randall Warren
– Shell Canada Limited

Database design, formatting, and construction were performed by BGC Engineering Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia ( ).   Special thanks to Gerry James, Trevor Simpson, and Matthew Buchanan for their efforts on this project.

In addition, the TAG would like acknowledge the efforts of all those people, too numerous to list, who have been involved in this work over the last several years.